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ceramic raku glaze on teak wood coaster

Join me on my journey to make the perfect raku cup…which is impossible, and which is also the point of raku. Drawing from its Japanese Zen origins, raku is a celebration of imperfection and imbalance, the acceptance of which is a doorway to the eternal present moment. Such a thing cannot be bought nor sold, but its reflections can be found in the things that we look at and use every day. These reflections can be especially visible in something as simple as a cup, which emphasizes the empty (inside the cup), full (the cup itself), and nondual (drinking from the cup) nature of reality. Due to the porous nature of raku clay, these cups are more ornamental than utilitarian, and can add a lot of energy to a meditation spot or a kitchen niche. Each one is made to order, and is totally unique. Size, color and shape may vary.