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Birthday Spice Rack

I've been incorporating blacksmithing into my work lately, but this was the first piece where it played a structural role. The mild steel started out as 1/2 round stock, but I hammered it square so that every inch of the metal had been worked on, then re-rounded a few areas where I did some decorative twisting. The other structural aspect to this piece that I find interesting are the copper supports that secured the middle shelf to the upper and lower shelves. Doing this eliminated the need for using a bunch of xtra wood, and gives the piece a floating and light feel.


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  • Front view
  • Corner view
  • Blacksmithed brackets with decorative twists
  • Copper supports
  • Green artisanal glass set into vintage pine
  • Copper, glass, steel, wood

Techniques Used

i  Blacksmithing

ii  Coppersmithing

iii  Basic woodwork

iv  Basic glasswork

Materials Used

i  Vintage pine

ii  Artisanal green glass

iii  Mild steel

iv  Copper | 512.537.7971