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Bowhair Cabinet

This cabinet was created for the purpose of storing hair for violin bows. All of the hardware was made from scratch - the copper hinges, dowels, knob, hooks and even the glazier points to hold the stained glass panel in place. As for the stained glass, I went with a simple design with blue, green and clear glass to offer a dash of color against the earthen hues of the rest of the cabinet. The inside back of the cabinet has bamboo matting, which I think provides a nice contrast to all the wood.


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Techniques Used

i  Joinery

ii  Cabinetry

iii  Welding

iv  Stained Glass

Materials Used

i  Stained Glass

ii  Copper melted from copper wire found in salvage yard

iii  Vintage longleaf pine

iv  Found magnet

v  Bamboo matting

vi  Tung oil | 512.537.7971