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Stone Planter

One weekend while my wife was out of town I decided to make her a gift, but had no idea what to do. I ended up sitting in the backyard with my stonecutting tools, staring at a block of limestone. A few hours later I had hollowed out the stone and planted some sage in it. She loved the gift, so I made some more and planted each one with a different type of native Texas plant. Before long, customers were asking me to make them planters of various sizes and they’ve proven so popular that they’ve become kind of a mini-series unto themselves. I spend a lot of time picking out each stone out at a nearby stoneyard, and I sweat all the little details to make them functional and lasting. They are fun to make and give me a chance to combine my love of gardening with some basic stonework.


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Techniques Used

i Stonecarving
ii Gardening

Materials Used

i Limestone
ii Sandstone
iii Decorative stone and bark
iv Native Texas flowers | 512.537.7971