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Void Box

Void Box invites you to contemplate infinity and your place within it via the ladder and lights that descend downward into the void. Death, emptiness, eternity, unknown, mystery - this box strikes different people in different ways. I made it out of reclaimed pine using a bandsaw, which allowed me to make the box out of a single block of wood with no mitered joints. I made the ceramic hardware out of clay, bisqued it, then glazed each piece using the raku process. The optical chamber within the box utilizes the effect of infinite regression created by two reflective surfaces facing one another.


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Techniques Used

i  Woodwork

ii  Ceramics

iii  Raku

iv  Glass cutting

Materials Used

i  Reclaimed pine

ii  Raku clay

iii  Sea green glaze

iv  Glass

v  Wireless led lights

vi  Two-way film

vii  Mirror

viii  White paint (inside optical chamber) | 512.537.7971