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Maestro Tequilero

The maestro tequilero (tequila expert) samples barrel-strength tequila from an oak barrel in the subterranean vault of a distillery. In one hand he holds a cuernito, the sawed off tip of a bull's horn, which is the traditional vessel once used by Mexican vaqueros (cowboys) to drink tequila. In the other hand he holds a ladron de tequila, which is a specialized ladle used to withdraw tequila from the cask. Maybe it's midnight, he is standing in a wavering cupola of yellow light radiating from his lamp. There is condensation on the stone walls and vaulted arches, which drip onto the earthen floor in an uneven cadence. He can feel a draft, and can smell the scent of desert in it. He pours his drink, pauses, and takes his first sip. This piece is about passion, specialized knowledge and savoring something in solitude.


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  • Blacksmithed ladle. The tail end.
  • Copper for the scooping end of the ladle.
  • The cuernito. Raku glazed.

Techniques Used

i  Coppersmithing
ii  Blacksmithing
iii  Woodwork
iv  Ceramics/Raku


Materials Used

i  Salvaged copper wire
ii  Wood from 1800's cotton gin
iii  Mild steel
iv  Grogged clay
v  Found railroad spikes | 512.537.7971