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handmade knuckleduster with teak leather sawblade railroad nails

This sculpture started out with me wanting to explore the art of knifemaking, and ended up as something straight out of a streetfight between Irish gangs in 19th century New York. I got to use some of my favorite materials (teak wood, date nails, leather, steel), as well as geek out on making the brass bushings and steel links out of stock. But my favorite part of this piece was seeing how it evolved from day to day. Unlike my earlier years as an artist, I now make very few sketches of my work, preferring to envision a thing in my mind, and to allow the energy of the present moment to provide the direction. This piece is no exception and is a great example of my process – it was built out of scratch, I had no idea where it would go, but once I got there I felt gratified at having been able to make the journey.