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Who doesn’t love wood? Basically tree tissue, wood is one of the most versatile materials in the world – it maintains it shape yet can be easily sculpted, ages gracefully yet can be made youthful with a good sanding and finish. While there are many other materials out there, the usefulness of wood in construction and cabinetry is unmatched. In fact, I love IT so much that one of my favorite things to do is to drive thru the Texas hill country with my wife looking for for old wood salvaged from cabins, barns, mills and cotton gins.


My primary experience with wood is as a carpenter, but as I’ve learned more advanced cabinetry techniques, I’ve sought to incorporate them into my artwork. Woodworking is one of those disciplines in which one always feels like a beginner, and I am constantly learning new things. Sawing, routing, joining, sanding, oiling, doweling – the craft is profound, and its traditions runs deep.